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Creating a Beautiful Winter Landscape

Midwest Home Magazine asked David Kopfmann the following question, and his answer will be featured in their annual HomeBook, as well as online! David offers great advice and information that a homeowner may not consider while creating a landscape design … Continue reading

We ALL Want Our Green, Lush Lawn & Gardens Now! Tips enclosed…

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I know, I know, everyone is wondering when is this Minnesota weather going to change?!  At this point, I truly believe, we deserve the BEST summer ever! I also truly believe you want your lush, green gardens and lawn NOW – but, WAIT! I don’t … Continue reading


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Don’t give up yet! Here is what is going on… Plant Material: NO, you haven’t lost all of your plant material! With our crazy Minnesota weather you may notice some of your perennials shooting out of the ground at mock … Continue reading

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Water Is SO Important

The Bad, the Ugly, and the…  GOOD (I promise there is some)! I know it is backwards, but with Minnesota weather that tends to happen! WATER, WATER, WATER! – Our weather in Minnesota is, unfortunately, VERY unpredictable (why do we … Continue reading