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With the temperatures finally dropping after an unseasonably warm start to the winter, landscaping might be the last thing on your mind. However, now is the perfect time to start planning. Staying ahead of the busy season ensures a smoother process, a wider selection of plant materials, and likely, early project completion. With this in mind, we asked David Kopfmann, owner of Yardscapes Inc., to share his insights into upcoming trends so those looking to start planning have a better idea of what’s “in” for the year ahead.

“Minimalism, clean lines, and landscapes that are easy to maintain are still high on our clients’ priority lists,” Kopfmann says. Embracing simplicity in landscape design brings a sense of spaciousness to outdoor areas, creating a serene and clutter-free environment. However, achieving this look requires a careful balance in the arrangement of plants, hardscape materials, and other elements. This style’s appeal lies in its low-maintenance and cost-effective benefits, as fewer plants translate to easier care.

While minimalist styles persist in the landscaping industry, there is also a growing interest in newer luxury features. Kopfmann notes, “We’ve received recent requests to incorporate pickleball courts and large garden enclosures.” Pickleball specifically has gained traction among all ages, appealing to a wide variety of skills and interests. Including a court in a backyard design offers convenience for homeowners in terms of access and maintenance, as these outdoor courts rarely require cleaning.

Finished Patio with Pool and Stone Coping

Enclosed gardens are also anticipated to be a rising trend because of Minnesota’s harsh climates. Structures like sunrooms, conservatories, and gazebos provide safety for many plant varieties while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. In addition to plant survival and success, these versatile enclosures can also serve as personal retreats for homeowners.

Of course, entertaining continues to be a priority for many clients in planning landscape projects. Kopfmann predicts a rise in intimate entertaining spaces with gas and wood burning fire features for 2024. The choice between gas and wood-burning fireplaces depends on factors such as cost, maintenance, and overall feel, but both options can contribute to the relaxing ambience of gathering spaces.

Outdoor kitchens remain high on our clients’ lists as well,” he explains. These kitchens are becoming standard among all luxury builds, adding entertainment value to the landscape and make dining alfresco easier than ever. Popular features include bars with sinks, stainless steel appliances, and durable countertops.

Edina, MN New Construction with Pool and Entertaining Space

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Elizabeth Roubik an Associate Editor of Midwest Home Originally Wrote this Article on January 16th, 2024


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