We love added special details to our clients yard designs.  Once you see some of these creations you’ll want that unique piece added to your space too!



This client lives outside of the Twin Cities-Metro area and has plenty of space for unique, large scale art.  This is a custom metal piece they had found at a local art fair.  We helped install the sculpture on a concrete footing and then installed split rail fence behind in a vertical style, to mix it up and add interest.  Installing it this way (vertical) also was a more secure option for animals to stay contained inside.


This is another area on the same property in their garden overlooking a bocce ball court that was constructed for their daughters wedding in 2003.  They purchased this large Haddonstone piece which is made out of cast limestone.  So, it will patina over time.  The sculpture you see in the distance is where they were married in front of and had a local clay artist (Eric Pilhofer) create that piece that we attached to metal poles and bore into a large limestone slab.


MetalSmiths Designs, a local metal welder created this “Butterfly Wing” trellis for climbing plants that could be attached to a building or stuck in the ground.



Another creation of MetalSmith’s fabrication skills + David Kopfmann (Lead Designer and Owner of Yardscapes) artistic vision.  David is always looking to elevate normal everyday things you use, like this grill stand –  turned art piece.  This simple design is unique and affective with metal for the support and details with limestone countertops.  Insider Tip: The gas line is ran up through one of the metal legs = genius! 


Love, Love, Love this pizza oven and bar seating!  David took a similar approach to the grill stand and applied it to this counter with the metal supports and details with a limestone countertop.  Pizza ovens have been a highly requested item, especially since covid.  What a fun addition to your outdoor space, especially for entertaining.  There are so many options on the market nowadays for pizza ovens, but this is an original construction with stone inside and chimney with a beautiful exterior of mortared limestone.  Tip: Start the fire a few hours before your guest arrive, so that it’s nice and toasty to fire up those pizzas quickly.



This was a fun addition to a Minneapolis, MN home (looking in from the ally).  This clients’ desire was to create a separation and screenage from the alleyway.  These metal screens and gate with a blue acrylic accent piece were the perfect addition to this backyard.


What a statement!  We wanted to add a fun detail and interest to this clients front walkway since it goes along side of the garage.  This inventive custom arbor was designed and constructed out of cedar wood and custom metal piece to fill in.  I love the detail of the metal pieces creating the curves on the top!

Another great statement piece at an entry way!  This homeowner had just done a huge remodel of this 70’s home (Bloomington, MN) and transformed it into a modern masterpiece.  Not only is the metal “cantilevered” arbor so cool, I love that the designer switched up the stone underneath it to make it pop even more!


We took an ordinary cedar fence and gate and elevated it with custom metal details in the windows and the top of the fence.


This is such an interesting remodeled historic home in Stillwater, MN, overlooking the St. Croix River.  The homeowners wanted to preserve and stay true to the history of their 1887 home, so we created these stone entry pillars to mimic the roof peaks and added security with a custom metal gate and fencing.


Entrance Statement Piece!  We designed this custom metal fence detail with a mortared stone pillar and Haddonstone planter.


We receive a lot of request for address signs and pillars.  For this one, we created a mortared stone pillar and had a custom metal sign fabricated to hang from a cedar post.  I love the mixture of materials and textures used in this project to give it an elevated interest.


The ideas and images could go on and on, but this cliented wanted a private dining area and screened off from their neighbors.  We used OutDeco panels for the screenage inside of a cedar wood arbor.

So, next time you ask your designer if it is possible to add that custom detail, you’ll know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  We’d love to chat about a special detail or project you have coming up!


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