Garden enclosures have been one of the highest in-demand and requested items to be added into a landscape design in the last few years.  Gone are the days with the flimsy metal fencing wrapped around each bed and closed with the zipties.

Modern Garden Addition to a new construction on Bald Eagle lake in White Bear Lake MN   

This Home is Located on Bald Eagle Lake in White Bear Lake, MN.  

This homeowner wanted the garden to be easy access from their home, but not the main attraction.  We wanted to create a functional and beautiful cedar and metal enclosure that you can see through, but will keep the large animals out!  We placed it on the side of the home, with all raised cedar planting beds.  These cedar planters that David Kopfmann, owner of Yardscapes, Inc., custom created at table height, so there is no bending over and hurting your back.  The v-shape is so you can stand right up to it and lean across it with ease.  Seasonal vegetables don’t need a ton of soil to grow.  So, the v-shape and smaller container size cuts down on the amount of soil needed.

Modern Gate Enclosure V-Shaped Counter Height Planter

Points of Entry & Custom Cedar V-Shaped Raised Planter Beds

We added 2 points of entry on each end of this enclosure.  Since it is a large size of approx 20’x45′, the ease of having two entrances is great for access to the house and compost bins, etc.

Here you can see the cedar v-shaped planters from the top.  They are approx 8′ Long x 2.5′ Wide x 3′ Tall.

Custom Metal Gate on Cedar and Steel Garden Enclosure

Prior Lake, MN Garden Enclosure with Custom Metal Gate

Why not add your personal touch?  This custom metal gate is an artist representation of nature – trees, sun, moon, peace signs.  What else says an abundance of produce + love = healthy wellbeing.

Edina MN Progress Photos of Preparing and Building a Garden Enclosure in Edina MN

A Sneak Preview of a Garden Enclosure Constructed in Edina, MN

This homeowner wanted a garden enclosure to plant dahlias’ and other flowers.  So, we prepared and graded the are.  Installed stairs for the grade adjustments.  Once inside the garden enclosure we prepared ground beds around the perimeter of the enclosure for them to plant flowers directly into the earth.  Plants and flowers tend to have more success if planted directly into the earth.  Currently there are a few raise planters for herbs and a select harvest of vegetables.

Edina, MN Garden-enclosure-with-grass-and-plants

It may be hard to see… but in the center of this enclosure is a water feature, custom built out of steel.  The sound of water is very soothing, especially when you are gardening!  We also created limestone walkways that lead you around the enclosure and towards other areas on the property.

Custom cedar v-shaped raised planters in Edina, MN

These planters were constructed at different heights for plant height and the aesthetics from a visual standpoint.

Minneapolis MN raised cedar planter

And… here is a cute little carved out nook for a planter, protected from the elements and stepping stones around it.  The possibilities are unlimited!


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