Recently, I was cleaning out David Kopfmann’s photos and plan drawings to free up some space on our hard drive and came across SO many beautifully hand-drawn sketches, both 3-D and 2-D.  David started Yardscapes 48 years ago, long before the day and age of computer generated landscape drawings.  He swore he’d never give up his art of hand-drawn plans.  He has stuck true to his craft… 48 years later and all four of his designers are still drawing and coloring by hand!  It truly does take an artist to dream up these spaces and to translate them to paper for the client to see and understand it conceptually.  It also requires engineering and science knowledge to piece each project together!

48-years-logo art and science

I grew up watching trucks move up and down our driveway all summer long kicking up dirt and dust and making so much noise, but truly never understood what it took to create these spaces and why my “dad” had to work such long hours.  But, for the last 20 years I have been lucky enough to work side by side with these amazing group of landscape designers, installers, and …my dad.  So, when I started going through all these wonderful drawings, I thought it would be cool to show the rest of you how the drawings have come to fruition.  Obviously, there were A LOT to choose from, so I only compiled a small sampling.

Edina Backyard Entertaining

This is such a beautiful project that took all the grades and vegetation into consideration when developing an idea for the outdoor kitchen and fireplace.

Edina Backyard entertaining with custom kitchen and fireplace

Special Piece of Function Art

This long term client desired a fountain at their entry way but also loved gardening and flowers; so we combined the two items.


Metal water feature and planter lake minnetonka

Privacy Screens and Arbor with Function

This client already had a beautifully landscaped entertaining area, but contacted us in need of shade and privacy.  So we created an art piece of screens with twisted metal and a wood arbor to extend over the patio area for shade.

Metal Screen and Arbor

Privacy and Safety Required

This Minneapolis client was doing a landscape revamp and their patio backed up to an ally in Minneapolis, MN.  They wanted to create privacy and security from the ally, so we developed custom metal lattice pieces to attach to the wood pillars and custom metal gate with a blue acrylic piece for a functional statement.

Custom metal fence and gate to conceal ally way in minneapolis


Arbor Over Walkway

We added a custom designed and built metal and cedar arbor that hugs the front walkway.  As the plants and vines grow, it to be covered in creeping plants and ivy.

Custom Metal and Cedar arbor over walkway to front entrance

Sculpture: “Balance of Nature and Life”

We were asked to create a piece to be auctioned off for a donation for fighting the pipeline construction.  This sculpture represents the blue waters of the Mississippi River, the tree blowing in the wind, and the moon and the sun all grounded on the large stone of the earth.  Our natural resources are so important to protect.


Fireplace and Seating Wall

This project is from several years ago, but is still so beautiful!  This mortared stone fireplace and seating wall are perfect for entertaining and overlooking the lake and wetlands.

Firepland and Seating Bench overlooking the lake and wetlands

Ideas for Privacy

Lastly, I love the thought and detail in each of these ideas for screenage and privacy from neighbors.  Even though we couldn’t sell the client on any of them, they are still so visually appealing!

Ideas for entrance privacy and screenage from neighbors

Hopefully, you are as impressed as I was when I came across all of these drawings!  Maybe one day we can design (or have already) something for you!


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