Don’t give up yet! Here is what is going on…

Plant Material: NO, you haven’t lost all of your plant material! With our crazy Minnesota weather you may notice some of your perennials shooting out of the ground at mock speed; while others seem to not have come back this year. Same with trees; some are taking off, while others haven’t even bloomed! They will eventually catch up to one another, hopefully in about a month. If you don’t see that happening, then you should begin to address it.

Seed/Sod: Soil temps are just about there, some areas are warmer than others. Your soil temp should be about 58-60 degrees (with lots of water) for your seed to germinate.  One indication that your soil temps are warm enough is when you start to see dandelions shooting up everywhere.

Fertilize: With all of this rain, it is a perfect time to fertilize!

Pre-Emergent: With all of this rain and warm temps, don’t forget to put down a premergant under your mulch to help prevent all of those nasty weeds!

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