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Landscape Design Plan Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN Patio Design

The client had an existing patio that didn’t fit their overall lifestyle. The function and size of their existing space didn’t allow them to accommodate gatherings. They envisioned a patio space that would work well with entertaining adults and children. When creating the landscape design for this city lot, we wanted to create a low maintenance space for a family that traveled a lot, and wanted to come home to a backyard that they could relax in and entertain family and friends.

The main feature we started with was the outdoor kitchen. The husband loved to cook and he still wanted to feel like he was part of the gathering. We created a large enough outdoor kitchen space for him and others to roam around in with easy access to everything you’d have in a modern indoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen was constructed out of granite stone block with an Indiana limestone counter top, a gas grill, side burners, sink with cold water, stone shelves, trash compartment, and seating areas on both ends for family and friends to interact while he prepared the food.

A cedar beam trellis structure system over the kitchen area creates shade for the day and a lighting system was installed for nighttime use. The trellis system frames the bluestone patio, which also includes a raised gas stone fire pit next to a spa/dipping pool with a waterfall. The spa/pool is open year-round. It was designed so the client could easily change the temperature to create the feeling they wanted. Two hammocks are attached to the 8″x10″ cedar beams to relax and read a book while taking in the view of the lawn space that extends past the bluestone patio.

The design details of the home had an organized feel with brick columns which accent the corners, and frame the window areas. The outdoor entertaining area mimics the elegant architecture of the home by using the 8″x10″ solid wood beams for the support to frame the outer edge of the linear bluestone patio.

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Minneapolis, MN Before
Before photo looking at the house from the yard and future location for the spa with existing bluestone and groundcover growing between stone.

Minneapolis, MN Before
Another before photo looking back at the house from the yard showing the location for the future outdoor kitchen area.


Minneapolis, MN ConstructionConstruction of the concrete spa and water feature. Also, this is showing the footing for the gas fire pit.

Minneapolis, MN Construction Installation of cut pattern bluestone patio installed over chip rock base.

Minneapolis, MN ConstructionConstruction of outdoor kitchen and wood pergola.

Minneapolis, MN Construction
During construction and mortaring stone to spa.


Minneapolis, MN Final Patio
Completed project including outdoor kitchen, cedar beam pergola, gas fire pit, and concrete spa.

Minneapolis, MN Final Patio, Fireplace and Pool
Completed Spa/dipping pool with water feature and gas fire pit.

Minneapolis, MN Final Pool
Completed spa/dipping pool showing step and bench lay-out with water feature.

Minneapolis, MN Final Hammocks
Completed cedar beam pergola with custom metal details and hammock location

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