Shoreline restoration and erosion control is SUPER IMPORTANT for so MANY reasons and here is why!

Below is a video of one of our projects located in White Bear Lake, MN on Bald Eagle Lake.  This shows you the process during the restoration while setting new stones.  This shoreline, in particular, hadn’t been properly taken care of for YEARS.  The homeowner bought the property with a cabin on it and used it for recreation, but always knew they wanted to build their dream home on it one day.  The first thing was to tackle restoring the shoreline erosion and deterioration.  We did this by removing any old material in place and creating a new habitat for the new stones to lay and protect the waterway.

Play the video here or by clicking on the photo below.

White Bear Lake MN Bald Eagle Lake Shoreline Restoration Video

Preserving the Land:

Here is a before and after photo of the property that was in the video.  We needed to preserve and stabilize the shoreline before it washed away and damaged the structures currently on the property.

White Bear Lake Minnesota Shoreline before and after

Property Value:

This client bought this new construction home with a deteriorating shoreline, that the builder neglected to address when building the house!  This was a tricky site, because we had to remove and rebuild the walls, pathways, and shoreline from the top of the hill.  This could have been avoided (and much less costly) if they would have addressed this at the time of construction.  A properly restored shoreline helps increase your property value!


Lake Minnetonka Shoreline and Wall Repair on Lake Minnetonka Minnesota

Another angle of this same new construction home on Lake Minnetonka, MN from above.  The stairs were crumbling and not stable.  David Kopfmann created a sloped walkway instead of stairs to access the lake.  By doing this the homeowner could get things down to the lake with ease.

Before and After Lake Minnetonka MN Above angle of the shoreline restoration

Ecosystem Preservation: 

Let’s keep our waterways clean!  This client built a new home on Wayzata Bay, Lake Minnetonka.  They had an expansive shoreline with old boulders, so we reused many of them and repaired the shoreline.  It turned out beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Shoreline ecosystems are vital breeding grounds for various species of plants and animals. By preventing erosion, we can preserve these habitats and maintain healthy ecosystems, ensuring the sustainability of local biodiversity.

Wayzata Bay MN Lakeshore restoration and erosion control

Water Quality:

Erosion can contribute to sedimentation and the pollution of water bodies. By implementing erosion control measures, we can reduce sediment runoff, improve water quality, and protect aquatic life.

Shoreline Restoration Lake Minnetonka Before and after

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and let’s keep all those lakes in great health by considering the health and quality of your shorelines!



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