The Bad, the Ugly, and the…  GOOD (I promise there is some)! I know it is backwards, but with Minnesota weather that tends to happen!

WATER, WATER, WATER! – Our weather in Minnesota is, unfortunately, VERY unpredictable (why do we all not just run for the border as soon as November 15th hits??)! With that said, we are very short on moisture this winter and some plants may suffer from the lack there of! As soon as we have a steady stream of warmer temps, get out there and water! Even if your irrigation system isn’t hooked up yet, hand water those newer plants!

Why does new plant material needs more water than mature plant material in the spring?

New plant material hasn’t had enough time to build and grow root structure to retain moisture through the Winter months and may suffer in the Spring if you do not water them effectively.

What types of plant material can be pruned in the spring?

This is a great time to get out there and start pruning, before a lot of new growth begins to shoot. Things like; hydrangea, grasses, most perennials, evergreens, most shrubs (except for Lilac and Flower Crabs – you MUST wait until after they are done flowering.) can be pruned this Spring.

How can I tell if an evergreen tree is struggling?

You may notice some brown (winter burn) on your evergreens; this DOESN’T always mean it is dying. WAIT until you see new growth shoot before you make that assumption. Most new growth will be soft and a lighter green in color; when you start to see that then you will be able to begin to shape and prune (the brown) your evergreens.

THE GOOD! – With the warmer weather/temps that means you will be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces longer! Or, if you have been putting off updating your existing entertaining space, this is a great time to give us a call at 952-887-2794 or email us yardscapes@yardscapesinc.com to get a design in the works. As soon as the weather turns and the mud is firm enough for us to start installing; our schedule will fill up fast!

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