SO IMPORTANT!  Outdoor Lighting not only enhances your beautiful space at night, but it also provides a ton of security and safety from accidents.  I think your insurance agent would thank you!

Outdoor Lighting in Planting Beds and Chandelier over Fire Feature and Patio in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Now Let’s Get into WHY?…

Doesn’t this photo make you want to jump in there and roast some marshmallows?  Well, it does to me.  This entertaining area is perfectly lit with accent uplights on the mature trees, and a chandelier hung over the patio to make the space feel like a livingroom (because livingrooms are usually cozy hangout rooms, right?!).  The chandelier offers “some” light, but it can be dimmed for mood lighting and really sets the tone.

Statement Entrance in Minnetonka MN with Outdoor Lighting this Ultra Modern Front Entry

Front Entry

SAFETY is a huge benefit when adding outdoor lighting to your space.  It’s especially important along stairways and pathways, so guest don’t lose their footing and direct traffic.  No need for flashlights or phones to light the way, when you install low voltage outdoor lighting!

This front entry is very striking with the use of wall lights to light the stair and walkways.  This lighting design nailed highlighted the beautiful plant material!

Lake Minnetonka MN home at sunset with outdoor lighting

Here is another good example of a front entry that designed uplights in the planting beds to highlight the unique architecture and stone work on the lake home.  Many properties are not in the city proper with street lights and need additional lighting on the driveway so homeowners and guest can find their way down the drive and walkways.

Pool and Spa at night with outdoor lighting in Orono Minnesota

Patios & Entertaining

Talk about setting the MOOD!  They accomplished it all with this lighting skeem.

  • Safety
  • Highlighting Important Details
  • Setting the Mood

Pleasant Lake Home at Night with Outdoor Lighting the Pool and Patios

Outdoor lighting can be as tech driven as you want it to be.  Most outdoor lighting transformers can be operated by an app on your phone, which makes it easy when you want complete darkness to see the stars.  Though this is the view I would choose everyday!

Arbor at Night with Lights Highlighting a Fire Feature and Entertaining Area in Edina Minnesota

Down Lights are a perfect addition installed on an arbor.  In this photo the arbor and bench are lit up for a dramatic backlight affect and accent this patio and fire feature beautifully.

Fire Feature overlooking Lake Minnetonka, MN at dusk with outdoor lighting

This is a minimalist lighting design.  The designer installed the wall lights in the wall to slightly light the patio for safety and ambience.  This lighting doesn’t take away from the lakeview or the firefeature.  It accompanies them.

Metal Sculpture with an uplight at night showcasing it in Prior Lake Minnesota

Highlighting Art

Sometimes we want to see important features in our yard all day, year-round!  Lighting is an art and it’s fun to see how it can accent and bring another personality to important features.  A simple uplight was used to highlight this metal sculpture.

Fall scene at night with outdoor lighting in Wayzata MN

Whether it is summer, winter, fall, or spring, lighting is a necessary part of your landscaping.  Of course for safety first and aesthetics second.  It’s a very small part of a landscape budget.  So, if you had to choose between an elaborate address sign or low voltage outdoor lighting; I would choose the lighting FOR SURE!!


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